Gear up for Angular 2.0

Angular 2.0 is the next major version of Angular JS. Like any major version transition, there is no backward compatibility. When this version was announced, the buzz was not about the lack of backward compatibility but was about how different it is from the current version of the product. It feels like a totally different framework!!

learning a new way starts with unlearning of an old way

So, are you ready to learn something new? Sure you are. That is way you are here. Let’s start with the clean ground. Please shed all your angular assumptions like Directives, Digest cycle, Scopes etc. (Don’t worry some of these things are still there but in a slightly spiced up manner). I will be helping you out in every step of the way :). I have planned to write a series of blogs about Angular 2.0 (hopefully this will be a monthly affair). I will share my learning and try to provide all the supplementary information (code and hmm mostly code i guess). Following are some of my main sources of knowledge:

  • Official Angular website and blogs
  • Some Angular JS published / unpublished books
  • Forums
  • Talking to Angular JS folks (annoyed the hell out of them with all crazy questions :D).

The idea is to start with the basic stuff and build towards more complex concepts. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, feel free to talk to me or post on my blog.

Next Stop -> It is the new Horizon. Time to paint the picture again. This time with Angular 2.0. Chapter 1: New Horizon coming soon.

Stay Tuned

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Author: Owais

Hello World, I'm Owais, a geek programmer, blogger, and occasional speaker on all topics related to technology and development process.

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