Deep Dive in UX fundamentals

We are living in an era of specializations and strong affiliations. In the paradigm of software development, this phenomenon can be seen in full swing. For better or worst, we have established rigid criteria on the basis of skill sets. A very common division for a web development team is Web / Front end Developer, Server side developer and Web Designer or User Experience Engineer.

Even thou, these type of categorizations or separation by skill; enhance and encourage specialization, but often cause compartmentalization and stereotypes. I see this as a limitation that can hamper the creative and learning process.

Recently, this fact become more evident on me. I participated in a Visual Design Hackathon @Autodesk and there I got the opportunity to see how User Experience folks work. I saw the amount of thought and effort involved in the whole process. The process which starts with product requirements, branding, client and stakeholders expectation and translates into visual design and overall experience. It was an excellent opportunity for a developer like me to understand the details (not just talking about mocks and style guides :D)

I am glad to participate in such an event. I strongly encourage fellow Devs to go and venture into an uncharted territories whenever an opportunity arises. This will help in bridging a gap between UX and UI professionals. Moreover, this will allow the development of shared understanding and vocabulary.

User interface is the outcome and result of collaboration and teamwork instead of just an aspect or part of the product. Collaborations like Visual Design Hackathon plays a vital role in the development of open culture.