Commentary on the future of Agile

The events, characters and firms depicted in the blog are NOT ficticious. Any similarity to actual persons or to actual event, is NOT purely coincidental.

Day 3 of Agile Connect 2016. The jam-packed, multi-tracked event was coming to an end. It’s been an amazing event so far. People from around the world participating, sharing knowledge and socialising.

But!! Things were about to go a notch higher!

Nuno Rafael Gomes and crew setup an open space in second half of Day 3. It provided a good opportunity for people to come together and informally talk about a topic of choice. It became really interesting when Carlos Palminha started the conversation about “The future of Agile”. This topic sounded ridiculously simple at first. We pulled his legs to come up with this topic, he smiled meaningfully (probably saying in his mind that you guys don’t know what you are getting in to).

He was right. It was a fire starter. It opened a pandora box. It was fascinating to see how a seemingly trivial question can have so many facets and perspectives.

And so the fireworks began.

Autur Margonari took the first stab.

Agile will become traditional

Compact and well articulated. Agile will be the new norm. In future, we will see more and more fields applying Agile principals. Strong indication comes from the work Willy Wijnands (a chemistry teacher by profession) is doing. He is using Agile principals in the class room environment. The results are encouraging.

The discussion became more intense. No one was leaning on the chair anymore, hand gestures became more prominent and frequent. Discussion moved (unintentionally) towards Scrum. Edwin Hanegraaf was quick to clear the difference.

Agile is a mindset, a principal. Scrum is just one of its implementations

Implementation(s) will or may be different but the true essence of Agile will get the Global acceptance. Another person from the group reminded everyone that “its about being Agile” rather than “doing agile”. This statement got the nod from everyone.

I was enjoying this conversation and wanted to spice it up (a bit). I shared my opinion on the future of Agile, in the context of global economy and politics.

Agile, in future will not be a choice, it would be a necessity for sustainability, growth and survival.

The global problems like limited natural resources, environment, famine, political unrest and chaos needs quick and innovative solutions. We need an ability to pivot and respond to change as it is happening. Agile is the best bet for it. This perspective moved the discussion to a broader scale. Questions like does the current support and training infrastructure ready for such a massive adoption? What will be the role of Scrum Alliance or Agile Alliance or any other non-profits in that transition.

While immersed in the discussion, organisers give us the time-out indication (we exceeded the time-limit). We had to stop, as there were other topics to discuss and then olive oil testing session 🙂

It was one of many events of an eventful conference. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in it, meeting new friends and enjoy a lovely city of Porto.