Football Madness hits Karachi

Football…. Karachi…. hmm doesn’t add up.

Well… you are wrong!! It not only adds up, it multiplies (by double or perhaps four times).

You guys think, I am crazy but wait until I am done.

Cricket is the absolute King when it comes to games in Pakistan (consider it like a mango in the fruit kingdom). With recent Champions Trophy win, the cricket fever is at an all time high. Despite the dominance of cricket, it’s interesting to know that football has always enjoyed a niche following in the metropolitan city. It is still the most popular and beloved game in the borough of Lyari. Football is trending up with kids and teens, mainly because of a profound influence of European Leagues. To conclude:

If Cricket drives the movement and emotions of the nation, then Football is the undercurrent.

I witnessed the effect of this subsurface current on 8th July, 2017. Leisure Leagues organised an exhibition match of “Ronaldinho and Friends”. I was lucky to be in Karachi and decided to go to a match. Apart from long queues and dismal condition of Hockey Stadium (oh yes, it was played in Hockey Stadium…get over it), it went pretty well. All the negativity disappeared in thin air once Ronaldinho came to the pitch. He went to every corner of the pitch to acknowledge the crowd. Honestly, how can you not love this man… he is just …. an amazing human being. I got goosebumps when the whole stadium was cheering “Dinho….Dinho”…. I wonder what it’s liked when Ronaldinho played in Nou Camp.

See this link for an obscure video of Ronaldinho on pitch (sorry for bad quality).

Wait there is more… there was a cool laser show before the match (for some reason they invited Ragga Boys for performance….still don’t know who they are and why the hell they were there).

In the bigger scheme of things, this might be an insignificant event, but for people who WERE THERE, it might become a memory to cherish for a long time.

Some more pics….Thanks Shahmeer and Sadaan for the videos and pics



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P.S: I skipped relative’s shaadi to watch this match. Worth all the topis 😀