GRAALVM session at FOSSASIA 2019

FOSSASIA recently uploaded a video of my talk on GraalVM. Go check it out:

Polyglot applications using GraalVM


Connecting people in Style … CSS

Why Tech communities are important? Is your organization socially connected?

Quick Question, “Do you know why Open Source / Inner Source projects are more successful and evolve at a higher rate?”

Well! there are many reasons for it, but none more important or crucial as “Community”.

The community is the set of people which have common understanding, aspirations, and concerns. From social work to social awareness, communities have been integral to the development, improvement, and sustenance of human societies.

Using the same definition, we can infer by virtue of “what’s true in the real world is true in the virtual world”. Communities or to be specific Tech Communities are integral to development, improvement, and sustenance of projects. The main reason we use a particular tool or technology has a lot to do with the number of people backing it. We frequently come across the statements which mention “number of stars” or “forks” on GITHUB, amount of documentation, tutorials available etc. All these factors are crucial to the success of a project.

Long story short, “Tech communities are important”

More so, there is a social aspect of the communities. When people are part of the group, they start to build relationships and bonds. This process not only strengthens the fabric of the unit but also accelerate learning and exchange of ideas. The idea to bring people of a community always results in innovation, creativity … spark

Continuing the traditions of social connectivity, on 29th Nov Autodesk Singapore hosted Singapore CSS meetup group. The idea is to bring Web experts and enthusiasts on a single platform and let the 2-way communication kicks in. From financial institutes to design studios, from college students to tech company; we got a crowd of over 40 people from all walks of life.

We also got an opportunity to showcase some of the awesome stuff we are doing at Autodesk. We propagate the message that Autodesk is one of the great places to work for and we value innovation and creativity. All in all, I had a great time meeting new and old friends and learning new things.

To know more about the event, see the official page. Following are some of the pictures from the event 🙂

Maker Faire in Town

Maker Faire held in Singapore on 22 and 23rd July, 2017 at Science Center. The venue was smartly chosen to 1) attract young people and 2) to take advantage of the science month happening at the same venue.

All in all, it was a great event with lots of participation from various fields and sectors. You could see kids showcasing there class science projects to college and university students showing great research work.

There was a good presence of companies and institutes which provides training regarding basic electronics, IOT and 3D printing.

Ones to watch

These are the projects / products that caught my attention and in my opinion have the potential to be the next big thing.

Omni Helmet

Soft wearable robotics by NUS EI Lab

Overall trend

Looking at the exhibits, there was a strong trend of 3D printing and Arduino DIY projects. 3D printing were not only used as a tool for rapid prototyping but were also used for bespoken or customised products.

Happy to see a very health adoption rate of Autodesk projects and services. Many exhibits used Autodesk products in some form (like TinkerCAD or Fusion360).

Football Madness hits Karachi

Football…. Karachi…. hmm doesn’t add up.

Well… you are wrong!! It not only adds up, it multiplies (by double or perhaps four times).

You guys think, I am crazy but wait until I am done.

Cricket is the absolute King when it comes to games in Pakistan (consider it like a mango in the fruit kingdom). With recent Champions Trophy win, the cricket fever is at an all time high. Despite the dominance of cricket, it’s interesting to know that football has always enjoyed a niche following in the metropolitan city. It is still the most popular and beloved game in the borough of Lyari. Football is trending up with kids and teens, mainly because of a profound influence of European Leagues. To conclude:

If Cricket drives the movement and emotions of the nation, then Football is the undercurrent.

I witnessed the effect of this subsurface current on 8th July, 2017. Leisure Leagues organised an exhibition match of “Ronaldinho and Friends”. I was lucky to be in Karachi and decided to go to a match. Apart from long queues and dismal condition of Hockey Stadium (oh yes, it was played in Hockey Stadium…get over it), it went pretty well. All the negativity disappeared in thin air once Ronaldinho came to the pitch. He went to every corner of the pitch to acknowledge the crowd. Honestly, how can you not love this man… he is just …. an amazing human being. I got goosebumps when the whole stadium was cheering “Dinho….Dinho”…. I wonder what it’s liked when Ronaldinho played in Nou Camp.

See this link for an obscure video of Ronaldinho on pitch (sorry for bad quality).

Wait there is more… there was a cool laser show before the match (for some reason they invited Ragga Boys for performance….still don’t know who they are and why the hell they were there).

In the bigger scheme of things, this might be an insignificant event, but for people who WERE THERE, it might become a memory to cherish for a long time.

Some more pics….Thanks Shahmeer and Sadaan for the videos and pics



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P.S: I skipped relative’s shaadi to watch this match. Worth all the topis 😀

Voxxed Days ~ HTTP/2

Talk @ Voxxed Days Singapre, on HTTP2 and how it can be used to create high performance web / mobile applications.

Since last few months, I am experimenting with emerging tools and technologies in web genre. Lot is happening and the stuff coming is very exciting. When an opportunity comes to talk at Voxxed Days platform, I thought why not to share some of the things I am researching these days.

So, it begins. I decided to bring HTTP/2 to the event. Yesterday (on 2nd June), I had a great time presenting my work at the conference. The event was well organised by Alan Menant, Michael Isvy and the team.

Special Thanks to Sendil Kumar for lending me his Mac Charger 🙂 and Kris Howard for tweeting about the talk.

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I will share the details of the talk once the video is published. Stay tuned!!