Everyday Randomness: Guinea pig wheel

Are you going places when you move?


Chapter 2: “Guinea Pig Wheel”

Where are we going?
Nowhere it seems!
We are running in circles
Coming back to where we started
Over and over again

Are you walking when you walk? Are you running when you run?

The answer is: It depends.

It depends on your perspective. If we relate walking or any form of movement with “going places” then definitely NOT! … So… what are we doing on the treadmill?

How many of us are guinea pigging ourselves every day! This question comes to my mind when I went to my friend’s place and looked at his pet guinea pig (Sammy) Ferris wheeling the hell out of himself. Looking from outside, this whole process looks darn stupid and depressing. It brings me back to my original point of repetition in life (see my earlier blog for details).

Anyways, back to Sammy. The poor guy doesn’t have much choice; does he. But what about us? Why are we doing the same thing over and over again without going places? That visit made me think. After few days, when I start running on my treadmill, it just wasn’t the same. I didn’t feel like doing it. So, I stopped the treadmill and gave an outdoor a try.

I saw people; young and old. Trees dancing at the tone of breeze. Birds doing the last rendezvous before nightfall. I had a really good time. I was moving and at the same time going places. It is neither a rebellious deed nor a novel idea, but it did give me a glimpse of possibilities awaits us. All it takes is a little thought and effort to do things differently.

Wrap up

There you have it. This was the story of one of many Ferris wheels of my life. Do you have any Ferris wheels of your own? how are you coping with them? and most importantly, what are you doing to break them? 

~Owais Zahid

Everyday Randomness: Tai Seng Pavement

Intricacies in insignificance. How to draw wisdom from every day experiences.

Hello Readers,

Life is continuous and repetitive. It is continuous because of its very nature that can be judged on the scale of time. At the same time, it is repetitive because of our persistence with following routines and orders.

Put it this way; we are growing old every day and while growing old we are repeating things (going to work, school etc).

In our pursuit of repetition, we tend to ignore the details of our surroundings or scenarios, we ignore the experiences, the randomness that life itself throws at us.

In this blog series, I will share some of the oddities I noticed while looking at things from different perspectives.

Chapter 1: “Tai Seng Pavement”

Tai Seng MRT (train station) is the closest station from my house. I use this station for work and other errands daily. Situated in the north east of Singapore, It is a commercial and industrial area (kinda’). Its station gets crowded in the morning and evening hours.

9:05 AM. It was a day like any other. I crossed the traffic signal (my house is on the other side of the station) and stepped on the pavement (sidewalk) which led to the station. It was a 20 – 25-meter strip and passing it was a matter of few seconds.

Sound simple! I am sure it does. However, there is one small problem.

In spite of the ample side space, the concrete pavement is only 1 meter wide. You don’t want to walk on the grass when it rains (and it rains all the time). Secondly, as I mentioned Tai Seng is a commercial/industrial area, so a lot of people come out the station when I am trying to get in and vice versa in the evening.

In short, I was on a narrow pathway with people charging towards me (i am being dramatic here :D). At that moment, it occurred to me that this seemingly random encounter with a herd of people (mulling me) is more than just a random event. It was thought-provoking and has the wisdom to share.

Few things crossed my mind while I took a moment and reflected on my daily struggles to overcame 25 meters passage. Let me share some of them with you.

  • Going against the flow. It demands perseverance and patience.

  • Plan to address problems that are recurring in nature. Like stuck in a traffic, health problems etc.

  • The action plan you choose to address your everyday recurring problems tells a lot about what kind of a person you are.

Let me elaborate the last point. In fact, let me explain this in the context of “tai-seng pavement”. There can be three possible solutions to avoid being stampeded (again being over dramatic…. more than three solutions are also possible… use your imagination :))

Action Plan 1: All’in

This is the most common and most convenient (no brainer) option. Ride your luck and see where it takes you. This is my goto option and it works most of the time (minus the pushing and shoving). In fact, this is the go-to option for all of us, if the problem in-hand is not significant.

Tips: Open your favorite app and keep walking while staring at your cell phone. If you are bulky like me, then it is a bonus 😀 

Action Plan 2: Grease Monkey

Be attentive and figure out how can you safely negotiate the passage. This action plan is important in tough conditions, like thunderstorms, people with umbrellas or you have grocery bags etc.

In everyday life, we use this plan when a seemingly simple scenario becomes difficult because of variance. For example, using a sharp knife to cut meat or cycling in rain.

Action Plan 3: Heisenberg Solution

Identify the problem and create a support group. Convince authorities to increase the size of the pavement. Another solution is to educate people to use on side of the pavement to go in one direction.

This action plan is for chosen few! I am not saying that majority of us are dumb; on the contrary, most of us will not give an iota of thought to solve a trivial or problems beyond our comprehension. People who use this action plans are thinkers, innovators, and inventors.

Wrap up

Enough said. Time to wrap it up. But before I end this post, I like to leave you guys with one thought. “Next time you are doing something, take a moment and look at what, why and how of the things you are doing”. I bet you will make few interesting observations.

~Owais Zahid

P.S: The title image is taken from Hayley Leibson‘s article.

Maker Faire in Town

Maker Faire held in Singapore on 22 and 23rd July, 2017 at Science Center. The venue was smartly chosen to 1) attract young people and 2) to take advantage of the science month happening at the same venue.

All in all, it was a great event with lots of participation from various fields and sectors. You could see kids showcasing there class science projects to college and university students showing great research work.

There was a good presence of companies and institutes which provides training regarding basic electronics, IOT and 3D printing.

Ones to watch

These are the projects / products that caught my attention and in my opinion have the potential to be the next big thing.

Omni Helmet

Soft wearable robotics by NUS EI Lab

Overall trend

Looking at the exhibits, there was a strong trend of 3D printing and Arduino DIY projects. 3D printing were not only used as a tool for rapid prototyping but were also used for bespoken or customised products.

Happy to see a very health adoption rate of Autodesk projects and services. Many exhibits used Autodesk products in some form (like TinkerCAD or Fusion360).

Football Madness hits Karachi

Football…. Karachi…. hmm doesn’t add up.

Well… you are wrong!! It not only adds up, it multiplies (by double or perhaps four times).

You guys think, I am crazy but wait until I am done.

Cricket is the absolute King when it comes to games in Pakistan (consider it like a mango in the fruit kingdom). With recent Champions Trophy win, the cricket fever is at an all time high. Despite the dominance of cricket, it’s interesting to know that football has always enjoyed a niche following in the metropolitan city. It is still the most popular and beloved game in the borough of Lyari. Football is trending up with kids and teens, mainly because of a profound influence of European Leagues. To conclude:

If Cricket drives the movement and emotions of the nation, then Football is the undercurrent.

I witnessed the effect of this subsurface current on 8th July, 2017. Leisure Leagues organised an exhibition match of “Ronaldinho and Friends”. I was lucky to be in Karachi and decided to go to a match. Apart from long queues and dismal condition of Hockey Stadium (oh yes, it was played in Hockey Stadium…get over it), it went pretty well. All the negativity disappeared in thin air once Ronaldinho came to the pitch. He went to every corner of the pitch to acknowledge the crowd. Honestly, how can you not love this man… he is just …. an amazing human being. I got goosebumps when the whole stadium was cheering “Dinho….Dinho”…. I wonder what it’s liked when Ronaldinho played in Nou Camp.

See this link for an obscure video of Ronaldinho on pitch (sorry for bad quality).

Wait there is more… there was a cool laser show before the match (for some reason they invited Ragga Boys for performance….still don’t know who they are and why the hell they were there).

In the bigger scheme of things, this might be an insignificant event, but for people who WERE THERE, it might become a memory to cherish for a long time.

Some more pics….Thanks Shahmeer and Sadaan for the videos and pics



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P.S: I skipped relative’s shaadi to watch this match. Worth all the topis 😀

Voxxed Days ~ HTTP/2

Talk @ Voxxed Days Singapre, on HTTP2 and how it can be used to create high performance web / mobile applications.

Since last few months, I am experimenting with emerging tools and technologies in web genre. Lot is happening and the stuff coming is very exciting. When an opportunity comes to talk at Voxxed Days platform, I thought why not to share some of the things I am researching these days.

So, it begins. I decided to bring HTTP/2 to the event. Yesterday (on 2nd June), I had a great time presenting my work at the conference. The event was well organised by Alan Menant, Michael Isvy and the team.

Special Thanks to Sendil Kumar for lending me his Mac Charger 🙂 and Kris Howard for tweeting about the talk.

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I will share the details of the talk once the video is published. Stay tuned!!


Why Startup’s fail

APAC CIO Outlook recently published my article in their engineering special edition.

Entrepreneur’s Cauldron: Why Startup Fails

I am sure many of you, who have walked this walk can related to my analysis.

Let me know what do you think?

Have you experienced any pitfalls in your entrepreneurial life? Share it in the comments