Agile Connect 2016, Portugal

Its official now, I will be presenting @ Agile Connect 2016 in Porto, Portugal.

Check out the link about for my details of the topic. I will share my Portugal escapades later on đŸ˜€




Keeping true to agile

Its always nice to revisit the principals that you endorse or believe in. Being a Scrum-Master, I try to remain true to agile manifesto. Recently, while working on a blog related to inner source (more on it later), I visited Agile Manifesto. Its been a while since I went this site. It serves a good reminder regarding what is important and what is not.

I encourage all agile practitioners to checkout Agile Manifesto and if you feel like endorsing; do so (i surely did :)).

In fact, this applies to everything.

Go revisit the principals you believe in and if you feel like endorsing; do so.

Go revisit an old friend or a dear old Book and remind yourself that you still believe.

because Time, Influence and Thoughts…all have the tendencies to blur, modify and change…

Take care