Checkpoint 2019

Its that time of the year when we look at the passage of day and night with more excitement.

It’s not just another day end…

it’s not just another month end…

ITS is the end of the whole freak’in YEAR

and I don’t see any reason not to celebrate it… we made it through.

Just like with everything these days, new year’s eve attracts a share crowed of negativity who argues the rationale of celebrating the new year.

I hear your point! I do!

Now, let me if new year’s celebration is not worth celebrating then what else is?

Human celebrations (almost all of them) is associated with the start of OR end of something … Independence Day, Spring Coming, Harvesting, Birthday and so on!

So, on this special occasion try not to be a drag and have some fun!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

What’s up with all the silence, OZ

Wasn’t blogging for a while and let me tell you why!

Let me be the first to admit that I had been awfully quiet on my blog for a few months. All the silence of the blog is not telling the whole story of my past months. Looking back, they had been hectic. Let’s break it down a bit!

Hello Fatherhood

Became father of a baby gal (wooohoooo)… I was shit scared but holding your child is the best feeling in the whole… words can’t explain and words are not enough.


I wanna be a youtube star 😀

Started youtube series about serverless computing model. Episode 1 already up!!

OZvsServerless EP1


Attended + Presented at FOSSASIA 2018. It was fun reconnecting with old friends and visitors from all over the world.


See the full video here: The myths and realities of serverless architecture – Owais Zahid – FOSSASIA 2018

Hello Toronto

Took a 23-hour flight to Toronto and attended Scrum Gathering. It was an amazing experience visiting this lovely city and meeting the most polite ppl on the planet :D. More on this later.


Few Other things!!

Apart from the big apples! Participated in Google Code Jame, Hackathon and learned how to change diapers:D, had an argument with Lufthansa Flight (see twitter for the whole story :p)

There you have it! A quick summary of what happened. Now the dust is settled, I will add more blogs and videos (so stay tuned!)

Connecting people in Style … CSS

Why Tech communities are important? Is your organization socially connected?

Quick Question, “Do you know why Open Source / Inner Source projects are more successful and evolve at a higher rate?”

Well! there are many reasons for it, but none more important or crucial as “Community”.

The community is the set of people which have common understanding, aspirations, and concerns. From social work to social awareness, communities have been integral to the development, improvement, and sustenance of human societies.

Using the same definition, we can infer by virtue of “what’s true in the real world is true in the virtual world”. Communities or to be specific Tech Communities are integral to development, improvement, and sustenance of projects. The main reason we use a particular tool or technology has a lot to do with the number of people backing it. We frequently come across the statements which mention “number of stars” or “forks” on GITHUB, amount of documentation, tutorials available etc. All these factors are crucial to the success of a project.

Long story short, “Tech communities are important”

More so, there is a social aspect of the communities. When people are part of the group, they start to build relationships and bonds. This process not only strengthens the fabric of the unit but also accelerate learning and exchange of ideas. The idea to bring people of a community always results in innovation, creativity … spark

Continuing the traditions of social connectivity, on 29th Nov Autodesk Singapore hosted Singapore CSS meetup group. The idea is to bring Web experts and enthusiasts on a single platform and let the 2-way communication kicks in. From financial institutes to design studios, from college students to tech company; we got a crowd of over 40 people from all walks of life.

We also got an opportunity to showcase some of the awesome stuff we are doing at Autodesk. We propagate the message that Autodesk is one of the great places to work for and we value innovation and creativity. All in all, I had a great time meeting new and old friends and learning new things.

To know more about the event, see the official page. Following are some of the pictures from the event 🙂

Everyday Randomness: Guinea pig wheel

Are you going places when you move?

Chapter 2: “Guinea Pig Wheel”

Where are we going?
Nowhere it seems!
We are running in circles
Coming back to where we started
Over and over again

Are you walking when you walk? Are you running when you run?

The answer is: It depends.

It depends on your perspective. If we relate walking or any form of movement with “going places” then definitely NOT! … So… what are we doing on the treadmill?

How many of us are guinea pigging ourselves every day! This question comes to my mind when I went to my friend’s place and looked at his pet guinea pig (Sammy) Ferris wheeling the hell out of himself. Looking from outside, this whole process looks darn stupid and depressing. It brings me back to my original point of repetition in life (see my earlier blog for details).

Anyways, back to Sammy. The poor guy doesn’t have much choice; does he. But what about us? Why are we doing the same thing over and over again without going places? That visit made me think. After few days, when I start running on my treadmill, it just wasn’t the same. I didn’t feel like doing it. So, I stopped the treadmill and gave an outdoor a try.

I saw people; young and old. Trees dancing at the tone of breeze. Birds doing the last rendezvous before nightfall. I had a really good time. I was moving and at the same time going places. It is neither a rebellious deed nor a novel idea, but it did give me a glimpse of possibilities awaits us. All it takes is a little thought and effort to do things differently.

Wrap up

There you have it. This was the story of one of many Ferris wheels of my life. Do you have any Ferris wheels of your own? how are you coping with them? and most importantly, what are you doing to break them? 

~Owais Zahid